Priva Projects

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12 Ha Foggers

The Sun-Smart Collection

This Project started with a pilot of less than 1Ha. after a successful run, we had another phases of 2Ha, 5Ha and another 5Ha.

Lamella Clarifier

The Sun-Smart Collection

This is a unique and the first of it's kind device in Kenya!
Designed for 100 cubic meter per hour discharge.

22 Ha Roses Farm in Kenya

The Sun-Smart Collection

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Pump House

The Sun-Smart Collection

Pump House in Kenya - "Yamit" Filtration & "Priva" Fertigation.

Flowers Farm in Ethiopia

The Sun-Smart Collection

Farm including design, Priva fertigation, agricultural advising and shipping

Roses Farm in Kenya

The Sun-Smart Collection

The Farm supplied the greenhouses, we designed and supplied all the infield, and main leading supply pipe.